Manufacturing & Distribution-Malappuram-Shaalimar
Manufacturing & Distribution-Malappuram-Shaalimar


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We founded as a rice milling company selling high-quality rice grains. The brand, on the strength of its commitment to deliver only the best to its customers have witnessed a phenomenal growth over the years.

Everyone wants to give his or her family the healthiest food. Period. “How can I ensure the health and happiness of my family” is a question every homemaker frequently asks. The answer is Shaalimar.

At Shaalimar Foods, we are committed to making the world a healthy place to live. With a wholesome range of food products, we strive to bring the healthiest Organic Food Products and other foods to the customers – the same quality food we serve to our family.

When the freshest ingredients, state-of-the-art technology and futuristic packaging combine with the commitment to make the world a healthy place to live, the result is an unmatched range of wholesome products.

Our Visionary:-
Having healthy and hygienic food items at affordable rates tops the priority list of every individual for an efficient sustainability of life which has prompted us to fight against all odds to start the company based on the basic requirements of every individual.

We, at Shaalimar committed to serve our customers the best of products, carefully collected, scientifically sorted, meticulously monitored, directly distributed and professionally priced to cater your personal needs. From Rice and Rice products, we moved on to instant breakfast mixes, Rice powders and other convenient range of food products.

We offers innovative custom food product solutions at both of it’s bi-coastal, state of the art, food manufacturing facilities. Shaalimar’s facility is located in Kerala, India. Our manufacturing facilities can handle a wide variety of products, as well as emulsion based items. Our packaging capabilities can fill into a wide range of retail, foodservice or industrial sized packaging. As technology changes, our highly skilled team makes continuous improvements.

Latest Technologies:-
We have new technologies for production and quality checking. Our products are produced in very careful till the end of the production. We providing our products to our customers by the premium quality.

We are providing Hygienic products manufacturers and suppliers . Our products are produced in very careful till the end of the production. We are providing our products to our customers by the premium quality.

– Steamed Puttu podi
– Pathiri Idiyappam Powder
– Roasted Rava
– Broken Rice
– Atta
– Chemba Puttu Podi

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