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Go Digital! Transform your business to simple digital platform!

Digital Business Card & Micro Website

Qviyo is a bridge to share your contact details collectively on digital platforms. We found that many businesses, services and persons face hassle to handover their contact details on paper quikly to different part of the world, so we thought to make a smart way to solve this barrier, so Qviyo born :)

Why choose Qviyo

It's simple, smart and digital. It helps to send essence of your details as you like.

All in one place

All your Essential Contact details are well organised in one place.

Share to anyone

Easly sharable to anyone to any platform (Eg: Whatsapp, Email & Printing etc).


It easily explorables in Digital Platforms, Social Medias & Priniting Medias

Always live

Digital Business Card & Micro Website are always live in Qviyo! No wonder, It is Digital!